Artist in Residency

HCL’s Flagship Program


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The Artists in Residence Program is designed to promote the growth of artists and their work by providing an environment of experimentation and discovery that is accessible and supports the artist to flourish. It is fundamental for HCL to provide tangible, direct, and nimble resources for artists that meet their specific needs to continue to grow their practice.

We invite bold artists to think creatively about their projects.

Artists are invited to apply semi-annually, typically in June and December. HCL will invite five artists per application process into a twelve month residency.

The Artist in Residence receives a one-time cash stipend along with customized, no-cost support and access to HCL’s resources. Details below:

    • One-time cash stipend
    • Studio space for process, rehearsal, workshops, and/or presentations*
    • Access to HCL’s technical equipment for studio use
    • Opportunities to show work to a public or invited audience as part of HCL’s digital and/or live events*
    • Producing assistance
    • Communications and design support
    • Audience development and media outreach
    • Artistic consultation
    • Photo and video documentation
    • Strategic networking for partnerships, funding, and creative collaborators
    • Teaching and workshop opportunities*
    • Participation in HCL Artist Critique sessions*
    • Field-based or cross-disciplinary mentorship
    • Additional bespoke support based on the needs of the individual

Five artists are chosen twice annually (typically June and December) to enter into a twelve month residency program.

HCL Studio

The HCL Studio (Mary Lowe Bailey, 2016)

Successful applicants to the Artists in Residence program are emerging or established artists or collectives with a history of artistic excellence, who have clear goals for their residency. Artists may apply with projects and initiatives across any, or many, disciplines; and HCL supports artists across every stage of creation: incubation, workshop, critique, and presentation. We do not accept artists currently enrolled in any form of degree program.

Accepted artists represent an array of artistic practices, disciplines, backgrounds, and stages of creation. Applications are reviewed and evaluated by HCL’s staff and Artistic Advisory Council.


Each artist accepted in to the program will enter written agreements with HCL the outline of such agreements will include, but not be limited to, the following stipulations:

  • Participation in an orientation*
  • Establishing and outlining the timing of resources to be provided (i.e. scheduling studio space, artistic consultation requests, feedback and critique sessions, etc.)
  • Initial agreements will be mutually reviewed and assessed as necessary, and adjustments may be requested by the artist, subject to the determination and approval of HCL staff

Artists in Residence are expected to participate in activites HCL may organize in relation to the program, and are encouraged to attend at least two work showings, critiques, or discussions with fellow cohort members during their residency period.*

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, HCL is following the guidelines of local, state and federal authorities, including sanitizing of the studio and property, practicing safe-space, and social distancing. HCL recognizes that all activities are provisional in compliance with these guidelines involving spaces of gathering; such as for a public showing, private critique sessions, collaborative work and meetings. HCL actively follows public health developments and information and is committed to working with the Artists in Residence to determine and follow best practices.


The HCL studio is located on the fourth floor of Mana Contemporary, at 2233 S Throop. Applicants are encouraged to come visit the space to see the layout and amenities. The 1,700 square foot studio is composed of two walls of glass visible from the common hallways and two solid walls, is equipped with a sprung marley dance floor, and has three lockable exit/entry doors. The studio is equipped with a ceiling-mounted projector, a PA system, a baby grand Steinway piano, 20 folding chairs, 4 stools, floor cushions, and two folding tables. Applicants are advised that the studio has two glass walls which let in hallway light, which is motion-triggered and programmed by Mana, and create a reverberant room for sound and music. For full privacy and light control, black cloths are available by HCL. For any installation requiring drilling or hanging into wall and ceiling surfaces please consult with HCL staff.

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