Annie Kielman and Joshua Patterson

The Morphotransverse Method The MorphoTransverse Method®


The MorphoTransverse Method® updates ancient health practices for the modern fitness world.
–all you need to do is BE PRESENT–
Together, we will turn your goals into results and uncover your unique level of stability so you can reach a superior state of existence. Discover your heightened self as we teach you to unify your spirit and body, allowing them to evolve beyond earthly boundaries.

Artist Statement

The Morphotransverse Method was established by co-creators Annie Kielman and Joshua Patterson as a means of exploring cult as a belief system both inclusive and secretive. This project addresses the overlap of historical ritual/cult with safe spaces and the effects of relinquishing autonomy for group identity. It looks at ritual as the repetition of identical steps that become hierarchies within a belief’s structure, as well as where ritualized athletic movement can become spiritual exertions that correct muscle imbalances and trauma cycles.

While the Morphotransverse Method (MTM) continues to evolve in many directions, it primarily manifests as “Trial Experience” events that include a movement based performance where viewers are given instructional literature and are guided in both physical and cognitive amoral exercises. The MTM model begins with stabilization. In this initial phase, you correct all imbalances and halt physic injury cycles on a physical and emotional level. By healing first, you can cultivate a more powerful strength. The energy of the space echoes the condensed frenzy of bodies found in group class gyms: with the fitness instructor serving as low-level leader operating within a much larger order. Keeping exertion levels controlled, the combination of choreographed movements, designed sound accompaniment, and shouts from a seductively energetic leader mimic a spiritual drunk, spiked with the coke: a sort of post-modern speedball.

Artist Bios

The Morphotransverse Method

Co-creators Annie Kielman and Joshua Patterson are Chicago-based artists who met while in the MFA program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. They formed The Morphotransverse Method in an effort to invite traditional ritual practices into the contemporary realm and to focus on the intersection and overlap of esoteric fitness and esoteric spiritualism.

Annie’s work explores how the rules of our physical world design our gestures, and how those gestures serve as anchors in a digital space. She focuses on creating works that exist in “between-spaces” where their slippages across fixed languages develop different modes of understanding and experiencing our bodies. Her experience as a NASM certified athletic trainer will be the primary source for research in how the kinetic chain can be addressed and utilized in a performative setting.

Joshua has spent his life extensively researching cultic and esoteric history. His parafictional shamanic practice embraces the liminal space between the sincere and insincere, the true believer and the cynic, science and pseudo-science, irony and love; and places the viewer in this space: a space of unknowing. It is here in which anything can happen: a place of becoming. Pulled by the gravitational force of a dichotomous construct, we find ourselves somewhere new, full of possibility.