Christophe Preissing Preview Salon at Mana Contemporary

January 25, 2020 @ 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Mana Contemporary cafe (5th Floor)
2233 S Throop St
IL 60608

FEED: HPSCHD-50 Preview Salon => IndeterminEat

Food, art, entertainment — this entire Salon experience — celebrates the unexpected, and it happily engages with John Cage’s habit of employing random procedures in his making of music compositions (including, most spectacularly, HPSCHD). Upon entering, a chance procedure will determine where, and next to whom, you will be seated.
Eric May and Easy Eats will design appetizers honoring Cage’s passion for mushroom hunting, followed by a main course constructed from noodles and accompaniments (using chance operations), and finishing with a dessert that invites individual diner participation in its indeterminate decoration. All will be accompanied by beer from a hyper-local brewer.
Music sung and spoken by Bill Brooks and Harrah Friedlander will include three works by Cage, his haunting Litany for a Whale, an array of spoken Mesostics, and the Wonderful Widow of 18 Springs, whose text is a passage from James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake. Other entertainment will include a Mozart Dice Game video.
During the event, artists Jay Strommen and the Chicago Ceramic Center will be onsite making small commemorative  tokens — designed using random processes — capturing its spirit for future memories.
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